Staying in a Capsule Hotel-Osaka, Japan

Sometimes when traveling, you will have experiences because it’s something you have always wanted to see or do. And other times you will choose to experience something for the sheer bizarreness of it all. Sleeping in a capsule hotel-Osaka was definitely the latter. In our one night in Osaka, we booked four ‘capsules’ at Eco Cube in the Shinsaibashi neighborhood.

eco cube capsule hotel
We had originally decided to stay in a capsule hotel because Jeremy’s brother and sister were going to stay with us and we wanted them to experience plenty of weird and out of the ordinary experiences. Plus, we just really like to watch their faces when we propose these plans. But after staying here for a night, I would definitely go back, even if it were just Jeremy and I.
eco cube capsule hotel

The hotel is just as it sounds, column upon column of capsule like beds, large enough for just one person to fit inside. It reminds me of a beehive but my sister in law felt it looked more like a morgue. It probably didn’t help that before we went I told her that the beds slide out and there was a plastic door that slid down to close you inside. Sorry Aimee. I couldn’t resist.

The place we stayed was just recently renovated and while it looked a lot like the photo above, when you see it in person, it doesn’t have the same creep factor. Although the cubes themselves haven’t been renovated and are a pale green with an awesomely 70’s screen that rolls down to close off your capsule to give you some privacy; the rest of the place received a very modern redo recently. Plenty nice enough to forget about the 70’s touches and the spaceship like control panel inside of the capsule itself.

capsule hotel in japan
inside capsule hotel in japan

So how was it? Surprisingly quiet and comfortable! Each capsule has it’s own air con, radio and TV up above. I only woke up once during the night and fell right back to sleep. It was very clean, well maintained and they even had individual lockers, makeup station and extra security door and camera on the women’s floor for protection.
staying in a capsule hotel in japan