India Budget

india budgetI’m finishing up our travel budget guides with our India budget. Overall, we were both very pleased at just how cheap we could travel around the country, eat and stay. While it is definitely possible to fly from place to place or even hire a driver to take you around the country, we decided after much encouragement from some friends from India to take the local trains. We had heard horror stories about delays (even though we did experience a 9 hour delay) sold out trains months and general chaos surrounding the Indian train system. Thankfully with guidance and lots of patience, we were able to book our tickets and make it to our trains with little to no hassle. My best advice for navigating the train systems? Go through Cleartrip. They make the headache of registering and booking tickets a little less stressful. And also, book your tickets as soon as possible. We booked ours about a month and a half before our trip and there were only a few seats left. From what we’re told, this is the norm and if you don’t book in advance you’re in for a headache. The worst thing that happened to us while we were traveling was waiting at a less than sanitary train station (Agra was by far the worst one we experienced) for nine hours since our train was delayed due to immense fog that morning. But alls well that ends well since we made friends with a fellow passenger and was later invited to his house for a homemade meal by his mother. It’s one experience we just couldn’t pass up and ended up not only meeting one of the sweetest families during our travels but also having the best Indian food we have ever tasted. Everything after that is held to a much higher bar. I am so grateful for the kindness of perfect strangers and of course, delicious food. 

The India budget below is for 11 nights and 12 days and reflects the price for both my husband and I.india budget

Nepal Budget

nepal budgetNepal was easily one of those countries that you instantly fall in love with when you exit the plane (after the two hour wait to get your entrance visa of course). We splurged more on this trip especially on the Everest flight because well…we got to see Everest. It was one of those times where a splurge was completely justifiable in our book. Another thing that we spent more on than usual was food, even though you could hardly tell from the average $20 a day we spent. We were overly cautious about what and where we ate while we were in both Nepal and India and therefore picked nicer, more established restaurants rather than eating street food like we usually do while we travel. Although the best food can be found on the street, it’s just a whole lot more risky. We learned this the hard way by getting deathly ill after both Thailand and Cambodia. In hind site, we should have been more careful but I have no regrets about how we’ve traveled.

But this trip was an exception since we were going to be seeing family for the first time and announcing that we had moved back by surprise and I just didn’t want to take the chance of getting sick for that. As careful as we were, it still didn’t quite work out for me and I still got sick. I should add though that I don’t think it was from the food but instead from the fact that I kept forgetting to brush my teeth with the bottled water we bought and ended up drinking some of the water. Jeremy was better about it and wasn’t affected at all. It was only me that surprised our family members immediately followed by ‘where’s the nearest bathroom?’ Not quite the entrance I was expecting but after just under a week I was finally able to enjoy all the American food we missed so much.

The Nepal budget below is for 7 nights and 8 days and reflects the price for both my husband and I.

nepal budget

China Budget

china travel budgetWith only 72 hours in China, this was one of the easiest travel budgets we’ve had to make yet (thank God!). We spent the three days exploring the city including both historical sites such as the Forbidden City and Great Wall and also trying to find the best local brewery and American food in town. I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of the food in China. Not one bit. I tried I really did; we tried the duck, we tried the dumplings, we tried the soup that the lady behind us insisted that we just can’t possibly leave China without trying. It turned out to have large lumps of fat floating in it. No thanks. Thankfully Slow Boat Brewery came to our rescue New Years Eve with one of the best burgers and pale ale’s I’ve ever tried. But then again, we also thought the same thing about a burger place we took Jeremy’s family while in Tokyo. Jeremy and I were chowing down praising the Lord for this delicious piece of beef and claiming that it was one of the best burgers we’d had. Only to be met by the skeptical glares of our family who broke the news to us that it was in fact, not good. Not good at all. I guess that’s your sign that you’ve lived overseas for too long. You think mediocre American rip offs are the best thing since that time you found peanut butter M&M’s in the local foreign mart.

The China budget below is for 3 nights and 2 days and reflects the price for both my husband and I. china budget

Cambodia Budget

cambodia budgetTraveling to Cambodia was on of the easies to plan and come up with a Cambodia budget for. I think part of it had to do with the fact that this was our fourth country we had visited in SE Asia. While not identical, prices are fairly similar in this area and you can use budgets from other countries to get a rough idea on how much to budget for. While in Cambodia, our main form of entertainment and activities were the temples of Angkor Wat, walking around the Old Town area at night and lounging by the pool in the heat of the day when is was simply too hot to do much else. While there is much to see an do in Cambodia, it wasn’t nearly as touristy as Thailand and therefore part of the reason why there was not much more on our bucket list than the Angkor Wat temples. Even though I have heard of amazing day trips to be taken but we simply didn’t have any full days to spare. This was great for the budget and also one of our first vacations where we spent more time relaxing and going for leisurely strolls than rushing to be able to see and do everything that we want to. Many times on vacation the main focus is not on relaxing; we can do that any Saturday at home. Instead it’s about taking advantage of every opportunity we can during our short time in a county. With that being said, this break from the norm wasn’t all that bad and we enjoyed being able to see everything we wanted to and be able to spend a lot of time relaxing.

The budget below reflects the prices for six nights and seven days for both my husband and I.
cambodia budget

Thailand Budget

Thailand Budget

Our trip to Thailand was the longest we have taken thus far. And therefore, coming up with a Thailand budget was more difficult for us. Especially taking into account how much was on our bucket list for the country! Seriously guys, you could spend months here and still not see all of the attractions or participate in all of the adventurous activities they have to offer. To see what we did you can check out our adventures page here. Taking into account that we had activities such as visiting elephants, tigers, going rock climbing, scuba diving and zip lining, we had an idea that if we set our Thailand budget for under $5,000 we would be doing really well and it would give us plenty of leeway for all of the activities the country had to offer. So you can imagine our surprise (and excitement) when we came in way under budget! As with every trip, tickets are always the top determining factor of the budget. Luckily for us, they’re not too outrageous from Korea. You can book tickets to Thailand here.
The Thailand budget below is for 13 nights and 14 days and reflects the price for both my husband and I.

Thailand Budget