A 3 Year Anniversary

three year anniversary photo shoot
Through trial and tribulation
Countless fights and just as many make up kisses
Airports, passport stamps and city maps
Through change of jobs, locations and surroundings
So many things have changed from year to year
But I’m thankful your love has remained a constant
And that the vows we said on our wedding day still ring true:

‘I promise to be your partner in adventure’
three year anniversary photo shoot
anniversary photo shoot
anniversary pictures

Unexpected Cat Lovers

I am very happy to announce that our household just got al little bit bigger recently. No, we didn’t have a baby, but you would think that we might have by the endless discussions we had about having pets overseas. And this wasn’t our intention, but it just so happens that Zeke coming into our lives coincided with our two-year anniversary (perfect timing isn’t it?). Now, the hubs and I are a bit different when it comes to anniversary presents in the fact that we really don’t give them ‘per se’. We decided early on that for us, it was an unnecessary pressure to try and find a gift, especially living in Korea where gift finding turns from difficult to impossible. So we decided to do something a little different and try to find a gift together for the both of us. Our aim is to not only relieve any pressure to find the perfect gift (we save that for birthdays) but to also find something that we can enjoy and use together. Last year, for example, we invested in our Eno hammock (which I cannot recommend more) and we have loved being smushed in there together and having late night talks when we’re camping. So this year, Zeke came at the perfect time to be our anniversary present to each other and have loved the extra craziness it has added to our little home.
korean cat
korean cat

The idea of adding a fur baby to our home started when we decided to stay in Korea for more than a year. We’re both huge dog people but cats are just as adorable and are just so much more low maintenance…exactly what we need. We even came close to dognapping a puppy that was chained up and being raised for meat. We had his dog collar already bought and waiting for him at home. But no matter how close we came on several accounts, we always found a reason to back out at the last minute. I feel like getting a pet back home would be a no-brainer. We have plenty of family and friends around who could watch it while we were out of town and we would have a yard that it can go run in. But living in Korea, most people have the same vacations and we live in a small apartment with no outdoor area. A combination of the cost, the responsibility and the slight inability to find someone to watch it over vacations always outweighed our desire to have a pet. Now, I’m not quite sure what it was exactly that changed our minds in the end, maybe it was the fact that our friend’s cat produced the most adorable litter or maybe it was the fact that we have already found very enthusiastic caretakers months before our next vacation. Whatever it was, I’m glad that we finally took ‘the big’ step.

We then spent our anniversary dinner at Trattoria de Fabio. If you’re ever in Geoje (I know it’s on the top of all of your travel lists), I would highly recommend this place. This is now our second anniversary that we have celebrated at this restaurant and hopefully next year will make the third. The owner studied in Italy and seriously makes the best Italian food I’ve ever had. Who’d have thought that I would find it in Korea?}


Today marks two whole years since I said ‘I do’ and inevitably it changed my life forever. It’s the day I said ‘I do’ to a traveling lifestyle, syrup Saturdays, and a never-ending list of new things to try. To the marriage veterans, two years is nothing; they look back at when they’d been married for just two years and laugh at when they thought they had everything figured out. But as self-proclaimed life long honeymooners, every year is a landmark. It is another year that we proved the negative marriage stereotypes wrong. I am definitely not an expert on marriage nor do I ever want to come across as one. I know that each day is different, each day is a new and wonderful challenge, and each day has its lessons to be learned. Speaking of lessons, here are some that we’ve learned in our two years of marriage:

-Starting a serious discussion late at night is never a good idea. Beds are for sleeping, couches are for talking.

Always make more food. I learned this the hard way. I figured a meal that I made for myself when I was single would surely be enough for the both of us. Wrong.

-Long drives through the country rice fields are the best for long talks.

-Always remember to turn off the water heater after hubs gets out of the shower (ps our water heater needs to be turned on for each use, best and worst thing I’ve ever experienced)

-First one up makes breakfast. Aka hubs.

-All things said out of hunger should be immediately forgotten.

-Prayer, prayer, prayer.

This pretty much sums up our two years…

Happy anniversary hubs! Here’s to many many more! Even though neither of us can remember very much of the vows that we wrote, we do both remember promising to always be partners in adventure. I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far. I can’t wait to see what the next 70 plus years has in store for us.