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I started this blog when Jeremy and I discovered that we were both terrified of the idea of ‘settling down’ after getting married (you know, house, car, and little things running around in diapers). So what did we do? Packed our bags and moved half way around the world to the tiny island of Geoje, South Korea to teach English. Makes sense right? I wrote as a way to stay in touch with friends and family, and more importantly, to keep those skype dates under control by already clueing them in on what was happening in our lives.

Since then, it has turned into a place where I not only share pieces of our everyday lives as expats in the land of kimchi, but also where I document our world adventures and travel tips. I hope this can be a place where you can collect inspiration and advice for your next adventure. Stick around awhile. And if you’re just dying to know more about who’s on the other end of that computer screen, here are a few completely useless facts:


  • Coffee is the third love of my life. Right after God and my husband.
  • I would rather have a love note or chocolate over flowers.
  • I’m now more comfortable using chopsticks versus fork and knife for eating utensils. A clear sign that I’ve lived in Asia for too long.
  • I have the same five dance moves and they’re all horrible amazing.
  • I majored in fashion marketing but I am in no way using my degree now.
  • My dream is to make a living by traveling and to volunteer in various countries.
  • While the hub’s daredevil tendencies scare the bejezzes out of me, I also find it to be one of his most attractive qualities. His mom warned me before the wedding that I “would spend most of the time in the E.R.” I think I’ll take my chances…and also learn how to stitch.


  • He majored in Aviation Science but now uses it for a side hobby and hopes to own his own plane one day.
  • His dream is to scuba dive with great white sharks…a dream we unfortunately do not share.
  • He has a secret rap persona name J Dizzy…we don’t discuss it.
  • He loves breakfast more than any other meal and will therefore eat it for every meal.
  • He’s the biggest morning person. Think wide awake and happy to the point of annoyance.


  • We met over Facebook while I was finishing up my degree in Chicago and he lived in Tulsa.
  • We spent the first ten months of our relationship keeping American Airlines in business by making cross country trips every two to three weeks.
  • We were married a year later at a small-ish ceremony surrounded by our loved ones.
  • After four months of marriage we packed our bags and moved half way around the world.
  • We’ve acquired eight passport stamps so far and with a bad case of wanderlust, we’re far from done!


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