India Budget

india budgetI’m finishing up our travel budget guides with our India budget. Overall, we were both very pleased at just how cheap we could travel around the country, eat and stay. While it is definitely possible to fly from place to place or even hire a driver to take you around the country, we decided after much encouragement from some friends from India to take the local trains. We had heard horror stories about delays (even though we did experience a 9 hour delay) sold out trains months and general chaos surrounding the Indian train system. Thankfully with guidance and lots of patience, we were able to book our tickets and make it to our trains with little to no hassle. My best advice for navigating the train systems? Go through Cleartrip. They make the headache of registering and booking tickets a little less stressful. And also, book your tickets as soon as possible. We booked ours about a month and a half before our trip and there were only a few seats left. From what we’re told, this is the norm and if you don’t book in advance you’re in for a headache. The worst thing that happened to us while we were traveling was waiting at a less than sanitary train station (Agra was by far the worst one we experienced) for nine hours since our train was delayed due to immense fog that morning. But alls well that ends well since we made friends with a fellow passenger and was later invited to his house for a homemade meal by his mother. It’s one experience we just couldn’t pass up and ended up not only meeting one of the sweetest families during our travels but also having the best Indian food we have ever tasted. Everything after that is held to a much higher bar. I am so grateful for the kindness of perfect strangers and of course, delicious food. 

The India budget below is for 11 nights and 12 days and reflects the price for both my husband and I.india budget

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    Holy crap, that is one beautiful total price for such a travel time :) You two really are amazing budget travelers!



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    Very nice I am looking forward to India!! Thank u!

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    Ahh i lived in Jaipur for almost 4 months. One of my favorite cities so far. Even though it is many poor people there, it is a city full of life and happiness.

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  • Caroline L.

    Holy crap, that is one beautiful total price for such a travel time :) You two really are amazing budget travelers!

  • Casey

    I always love seeing your budgets. And even though we splurged a lot more on hotels in India, the other figures for us were relatively the same. We loved how everything out and about was so inexpensive!

  • Lifeplus1

    I think I had to re-read this list about 3 times because I couldn’t believe it. Bona fide travel budgeting expert!

    V @ Life+1

  • April Tandy

    Holy Cow that’s cheap! I really love these budget posts. I’m one of the nerd sorts and probably read these “budget posts” more than any other article before we moved over here. Whoops. One of the last big trips we took while living in Southern California was up to Oregon and back through Yosemite. Our trip was well over $1000 and that wasn’t even to another country.

  • Chymecindy

    Great tips, thanks for sharing. I’ve never been to India before, but hoping to visit their someday.

  • Alexandra

    Wow! That is seriously affordable! Kudos! xx

  • Jenna

    Serious… you two are officially the best travel budgeters ever. Close to two weeks for two people at under 1000? As a side note, I also took the train back and forth from Delhi to Agra and it was difficult, to say the least. Nevertheless, I feel like I gained a lot from the experience… it’s crazy to realize that Agra’s train station forms part of the daily commute for thousands of indians.