What to do in Delhi

what to do in delhiWhat do we do? It’s the question that we all ask once we book our tickets to a new destination. Or heck, even a destination that we’ve been to umpteen million times. It’s always about what sites to see, where to eat, where to shop and who has the best coffee (let’s keep our priorities straight). So when we landed in Delhi we pulled up our list we made from Tripadvisor, blogs we’d read, and recommendations from friends. There is a ton to do in Delhi that can keep you busy for any amount of time you’re there and since we had a few days to kill between the other two cities we traveled to so we decided to hit the ground running. These were our favorite places that we visited to answer the question of ‘what to do in Delhi?’

Lodi Gardens. A large garden area that spreads over 90 acres. Includes several different tombs, gardens, ponds and the largest crows you’ve ever seen. Seriously though. As beautiful as the grounds were, I somewhat felt as if I were an involuntary extra on the set of The Birds. We spent a few hours one foggy morning wandering around the grounds, watching people go for a run, have engagement photo shoots and taking their dogs for a good romp. The only thing I can compare it to is New York City’s Central Park but with historical archeological tombs scattered throughout it. While it was a beautiful place while we were there that would be perfect for an afternoon picnic, I can only imagine how much more beautiful it is in spring when all the gardens are in bloom. lodi gardens lodi gardens lodi gardens lodi gardensHumayun’s Tomb. Yup, another tomb. There’s a lot of them in Delhi and most of them are worth the trek to go check out. Can you imagine being buried in a place like this!? I think America needs to rethink their whole graveyard system because this would be a whole lot better to go visit loved ones. If it’s too crowded to get the pictures that you want, try one of the other sides of the main tomb since it’s the same all the way around. The first picture is from the front but the second one is on one of the sides.
Humayun's tomb Humayun's tomb Humayun's tombLotus Temple. This one is quite a hike across the main part of the city and I’ll be honest that I have no idea the significance or what’s on the inside. The line was miles long (or seemed that way at least) to get inside so we just took our time wandering around the outside before heading back. If you have some extra time one day I would encourage making the trip out just to see it.
lotus templeHauz Khas. This is one place that we didn’t spend nearly enough time in. It’s a beautiful little village on the banks of a water reservoir filled to the brim with coffee shops, rooftop restaurants, vintage shops and upscale boutiques. We made the mistake of grabbing lunch right before going and instantly felt regret when we walked down the street and saw all of the amazing choices there were to choose from. I highly recommend grabbing a cup of Chai tea and strolling around the water before picking one of the rooftop restaurants that overlooks the water for a late lunch to watch the sunset. Then take your time wandering through the vintage shops in hopes of finding a Bond movie poster. We looked in a few of them in hopes of finding a poster from Octopussy which was filmed in the nearby Udaipur but had no such luck. hauz khas hauz khas

  • The Untourists

    Also add Delhi Haat to the list. An awesome place to spend a day shopping Traditional stuff, and tasting traditional food from all over India.

  • http://www.hopeengaged.blogspot.com/ Katie Cook

    Ahhh love your posts! If we are in Delhi next, I’m referring to this list:) xoxo

  • http://www.wittytitlehere.com/ Cassie

    Stunning photos! You’re inspiring some serious wanderlust.

  • http://inkandadventure.blogspot.tw/ Jamie | ink + adventure

    wow, these are all just GORGEOUS. and I love that you were on the hunt for a Bond poster!

  • Urska

    It looks AMAZING!

  • http://0023am.blogspot.com/ Louise (0023am)

    Oh whew, I totally want to go now. I’ve never visited India but I’d love to go someday and see some friends and amazing places!

  • http://jennafinch.blogspot.com/ Jenna

    I feel like Delhi was one big blur to me – so many senses pushed in your face all at once! I do remember Humayun’s tomb, but the rest all sort of fades together. Definitely need to go back :)

  • http://echandwill.blogspot.com/ Ech & Will

    That’s a tomb? It’s official, that’s how I want to be buried.

  • http://beyondblessedblog.com/ Chloé Arnold

    Stunning!! What lens did you use to take these photos? They are incredible!

  • http://www.thewanderblogger.com/ Sarah Shumate

    We only spent a few hours in Delhi, and most of them we were sleeping, but I did like seeing the India Gate and the President’s House in Delhi!

  • Casey

    We loved Lodi gardens, I was so glad you recommended that to us! And I love that we got so many of the same photos! :)

  • http://clothesandcreativity.blogspot.in/ Clothes and Creativity

    Chelsea, for how long were you in Delhi?

    Although you covered some places, there’s a lot that you may cover the next time.

    1. Red Fort
    2. Old Fort and the Zoo (adjacent to each other).
    3. Janpath- Flea Market for quirky souvenirs and trendy, not-so expensive clothes.
    4. Sarojini Nagar- Again, if you’re in to clothes and fashion, you would find this market extremely appealing with an array of clothes and accessories.
    5. Qutub Minar
    6. Birla Temple
    7. India Gate (the defining point of Delhi)
    8. President’s House
    9. Mughal Garden

    Well, the list could go on but I’ve tried to stick to the main spots.

    Do let me know if and when you plan to visit India (New Delhi) next and I shall be happy to be of any help.



    PS: The Lodhi Garden looks gorgeous in spring- with the blooming riot of flowers.
    And even I like Hauz Khas Village- you have to checkout the bars on a weekend. They are quite lively!