China Budget

china travel budgetWith only 72 hours in China, this was one of the easiest travel budgets we’ve had to make yet (thank God!). We spent the three days exploring the city including both historical sites such as the Forbidden City and Great Wall and also trying to find the best local brewery and American food in town. I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of the food in China. Not one bit. I tried I really did; we tried the duck, we tried the dumplings, we tried the soup that the lady behind us insisted that we just can’t possibly leave China without trying. It turned out to have large lumps of fat floating in it. No thanks. Thankfully Slow Boat Brewery came to our rescue New Years Eve with one of the best burgers and pale ale’s I’ve ever tried. But then again, we also thought the same thing about a burger place we took Jeremy’s family while in Tokyo. Jeremy and I were chowing down praising the Lord for this delicious piece of beef and claiming that it was one of the best burgers we’d had. Only to be met by the skeptical glares of our family who broke the news to us that it was in fact, not good. Not good at all. I guess that’s your sign that you’ve lived overseas for too long. You think mediocre American rip offs are the best thing since that time you found peanut butter M&M’s in the local foreign mart.

The China budget below is for 3 nights and 2 days and reflects the price for both my husband and I. china budget

  • Caroline L.

    I have a weird relationship with Chinese food, which is interesting because I grew up eating it, haha. I think my general opinion is that I don’t like the cuisine itself very much, but there are particular dishes or “styles” of eating that I love, love, love (e.g. dimsum, hotpot, street food, etc.) And also, food in China varies by region and I tend to prefer southern dishes that incorporate more seafood, etc. moreso than others. :)

    • sinead purcell

      I totally agree with you Caroline – generally not a fan, but there was some food I absolutely loved – Lamian (soup) was my favourite, and it was so so cheap. Char Sui buns too were delish!

  • globetrotterjen

    i totally agree i hate chinese food! i tend to just cook at home in a bid to avoid gutter oil/infected mean/bird flu! i also get so excited about places i’d never set foot in back at home!

  • Kate Hall

    Chelsea, your ability to budget blows my mind. Such a cheap trip!

  • Jamie | ink + adventure

    you are a budgeting pro! and I’m sure you get to all all the tasty “real” American burgers you like now :)

  • Maya O

    Complete bargain! Budgeting FTW.

  • Margo

    Kudos, gal! $314 is a win. Here in Germany peanut butter isn’t exactly a thing, meanwhile Dan and I can never get enough of it. Thankfully there’s one lone brand of “Quality USA: Barney’s Best” peanut butter. I’m sure it’s terrible by normal standards but at this point I think it’s delicious! :)

    • Brittny McLeod

      We have been eating it too. We tried the boxed macaroni and cheese from the “American shelf” at our local REWE, but it was terrible. Apparently we aren’t quite there yet. :)

      I’ve been wondering the same thing about burgers here in Germany. In the beginning burgers here were terrible, but as we’ve gone on, we’ve found better ones. Are we getting better at finding places, or are we just more desperate for anything that isn’t pork and pickled cabbage?


  • Kristen Greene

    How in the world did that trip only cost a little over $300?! Did you like your hotel? Was it local to the main attractions like the Forbidden City?

  • Elena Drake-Knight

    Love your budgets! definitely going to be referring back to them for some of my upcoming travels.
    Also, I totally know what you mean about the food. I interned in NYC when I was in college and the lack of Mexican food there led me to believe that some seriously questionable burritos were actually quite good.


  • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

    okay, budget time IS my favorite time! I can’t believe you only spent 314!

  • Molly @ The Move to America

    Sounds really good – love a bit of budgeting!

  • Z K

    I had the same experience with burgers while I was abroad! I was constantly aching for one, so by the time I finally found a good/cheap place in Dublin, it tasted like heaven. :]

  • Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

    Looks good to me!