The Streets of Kathmandu

Streets of Nepal

At first glance, the streets of Kathmandu, the capitol city of Nepal, does not strike anything close to the stereotypical form of ‘beautiful’. With trash piles lining the streets, dogs sleeping on every available corner; too hungry to move, half dressed children wandering the streets putting their hand in their mouth to signal for food and small fires burning on the streets and sidewalks in the middle of a small group of people just trying to stay warm in the bitter January mornings. No…no one would take a first glance and call this city anything close to resembling beauty. But that does not mean there is no beauty to be found here.
streets of nepal thamel vegetable market in thamel streets of nepal nepal kids thamel kathmandu motorbikes in kathmandu prayer flags in kathmandu cows in the street of nepal

As strange as it may sound, Kathmandu was one of those cities that for no justifiable reason, I wanted to move to. It has one of those indescribable vibes that’s absolutely contagious. One of my favorite parts about staying there was merely taking walks through the eternally busy streets of Kathmandu. Doging cars, motorbikes, brightly painted tuk tuks and aggressive salespeople and wandering through the endless mazes of narrow streets and even more narrow alleyways. You can easily get swept up in the sites and smells of the city. Clusters of women in brightly colored sari’s always got me to do a double take. I’ve never seen so many beautiful fabrics before and I was constantly peaking into fabric shops with bolts of it reaching the ceiling. Walking through the streets you can see the brightly colored buildings that look like the inside of a Crayola crayon box, smell the incense coming from every shop, see women buying fresh vegetables on the side of the street, people giving hair cuts at the base of a stupa, children running and laughing through the streets, and the colorful prayer flags hung from every where, fighting to be the tallest around.

Walking though the streets of Kathmandu sends your senses into overdrive as they try to remember every detail; attempting to make mental notes of everything. When we first arrived, I couldn’t get over how loud it was, the air filled to the brim with bicycle bells, car horns and people haggling over the last 50 cents for a souvenir. But it’s funny what you can grow accustomed to and start to overlook in a short amount of time. Beyond the pollution, both noise and air, there are layers of beauty just waiting to be discovered.


  • Casey

    So beautiful and so unique!

  • Bonnie Rose

    So beautifull written I want to travel there now to explore and witness with my own eye. I just love that portrait of the two young kids, it really touched my heart. The people are always what can win over a heart and change an initial impression of a location.

  • Leah S.

    Looking like an incredible place to visit. I’ve had it on my bucket list for a while now!

  • LauraInWonderland

    Kathmandu is amazing. It’s so busy, dirty, loud and a bit overwhelming at times. But so, so amazing. When I was there the thought of moving there also popped up in my mind. I can’t wait to go back there!

  • Chelsea

    So colorful!

  • Chantal

    Such an interesting place! I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, but I appreciate your photos and your views.

  • Rachel

    The streets of Nepal look unique and like there is an adventure around every corner!

  • Beka Johnson

    I never really thought twice about Nepal until you and Katie have shared about it =). I like the idea of fabrics everywhere, it’s something unique to each area.

    Thanks for having me on your blog!

  • Mallory || Sweet Smores

    Lately Nepal has been on my mind as a place to visit someday. I never thought I would ever want to there, but I was looking up hostels and volunteer opportunities there. Hopefully one day I can experience it for myself!

  • Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee

    I’ve got a friend from Kathmandu, yet never really knew or thought about what it was like! This was really interesting.

  • Johlet

    Those streets look “crowded” and busy and at the same time also very peaceful. I’m I losing it or do you agree? hehe

  • Brianna

    Wow this is amazing! I would love to see that someday.

  • Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

    I love your prescriptions of Katmandu! It conjures up the most amazing imaginary in my mind! Definitely another place I hope to visit very soon!

    • Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

      Oops I meant descriptions! Clearly not prescriptions! Auto-correct has struck again!

  • Katie Cook

    Oh my goodness, it is taking me back to all our time living in Nepal!! MISS IT SO MUCH!!!!

  • Rachel Murphree

    Wow, I honestly wouldn’t know what to expect Kathmandu to be like, but it seems very exciting! I imagine I’d have the Bob Seger song stuck in my head the entire time. :)

    – Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  • Lifeplus1

    Wow, this is totally not what I was expecting! I’m glad you posted this. An honest interpretation. I still can’t wait to visit the Himalayas one day. The people in your photos look lovely. Esp. those adorable kids! x

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