Not In My Contract



I know that as a teacher, I am not supposed to have favorite students, but let’s not kid ourselves. I did and his name was Tim. At the ripe age of 5 (Korean age so 4 Western age) he had the voice of a 60 year old chain smoker and the hair that reminded me of a Troll doll. Everyday when I walked into class, I was greeted with a gruff ‘Chess Teacher!’ (L’s are difficult to say in Korean, especially for kindergarten kids). He was my buddy during class and that one special student who could turn a bad day around. Until one day when he did something and I knew I just didn’t love him ‘that’ much. During class he suddenly asked if he could go to the bathroom in the sing song tone we had taught them. May I go to the bathroom? Only this time he started tugging on my hand to go with him. Umm no, you can go on your own dear. Well after five minutes of not returning I went into the hall to try and find him. From far off in the distance I could hear ‘Chess! Chessee Teacher!’ Running into the bathroom I could see him sitting patiently with his head propped up in his hands. As soon as he saw me he went into a position that can only be best described as downward dog. Looking around confused I had him stand up and pull his pants up. Apparently this is not what we wanted because he pushed my hands away and assumed the position once again. Finally, refusing to wipe the hiney of a student (I have limits), I went to my boss and told her that he kept speaking in Korean and I had ‘no idea’ what he wanted (sometimes lying is the right answer guys). Apparently wiping students behinds was something they oh so conveniently forgot to put in my job description.

  • Jade Moat

    Oh dear! What a situation!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      thankfully it never happened again!

  • Sara @ Dear Skim

    …hahahaha Chelsea, oh my goodness. That..hahaha.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      unbelievable right?!

  • Katie Cook

    so…SO epic! I already love these stories!!! Can I have permission to call you Chess? please???? hahahah

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      baha! only if you say it in your best smoker voice : )

  • Molly @ The Move to America

    Ahh, yes – the life of a teacher of small children! I am a teacher (not in Korea but in the UK for over ten years) and I had many moments like that! I had one student walk down the hallway shaking what he had done down his trouser leg and on to the floor, and one student prodly shout out they had “p***ed myself, but don’t worry, it has not reached my shoes” – and many, many more! One went in the sink and one on the floor … etc, etc! Reading your post, surprisingly, made me think of all the fun (but awkward) moments teaching brings!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      oh no!!! i can’t believe that! i once had a kid poop his pants in the middle of class and i couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from until he stood up! ooohhh the things we see as teachers!

  • Andi Perullo de Ledesma


    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      tell me about it!

  • Marisha Bailey

    Ahhhh if I end up teaching in Korea, that is something I can not do. I hope not all schools are like that. 0.O

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      make sure you get it in writing haha

  • Autumn

    Oh my gosh! Luckily, the Korean teachers at my school take care of stuff like that haha.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      mine usually do but i was cornered! thankfully i was able to get out of it ; )

  • Awesomely Over-Zealous

    LOL you were lied to and jipped. That’s something I definitely would need in writing. He’s still super adorable though. 😛 Have a great day Chelsea and best of luck packing, its a tedious task! -Iva

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      exactly! i want a redo on my contract after that! haha!

  • Caroline L.

    Hahahaha I can’t even imagine what was going on through your head. That’s hilarious! So sad that you guys are leaving soon, but I’m excited to watch you guys make new memories as well!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i was just trying to get out of it as fast as possible! haha!

  • Ech

    I can’t stop laughing at the downward dog visual I have in my head. My little sister tried to pull the whole “wipe me” thing with me. Nope, let me get Dad. I’m only going to do that for my own kid…and even then I’m going to teach them to wipe themselves asap.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      bahaha! sounds like me! there are certain things i’m saving for the day we have kids!

  • Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    O dear that would have mortified me!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i’m just thankful he never asked me again!

  • Jay

    Ah yes. I worked in daycare while in University and I dreaded those yells from the bathroom like you wouldn’t believe.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      oh no! and the reason why i can’t work in a day care!

  • Sarah J

    Oh my goodness. Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      oh the joys of teaching kindergarten..

  • Kaelene Spence

    Haha oh this was to good. I am right there with you that would have def been where I draw the line on my teaching duties.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      oh heck yes! so glad that it never happened again!

  • Kate Hall

    Ah aha oh my goodness, no way could I have done that either!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      haha i would never!

  • Kayli Schattner

    Hahaha, how funny and what a hilarious memory! He looks like a cutie pie.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      awe he was so cute! but wiping his booty…oh no

  • Sara

    hahaha I worry about this with my 4yo too. He’s totally capable of wiping his own butt but he always calls one of us to come wipe it for him, and assumes the same downward dog position too!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      haha! i guess it’s a universal standard!!

  • Chantal

    OMG that is hilarious.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      he was such a cutie but i have to draw the lines somewhere haha

  • Asia @ The Cracked Lens

    omg lol that’s crazy!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      isn’t it! i’m so glad i wasn’t a homeroom teacher!

  • Alex Fahey

    Hahaha I love it! Isn’t so amazing how little kids act- like well of course you are supposed to wipe my butt…. you’re an adult

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      haha! it’s so true! being a kindi teacher definitely makes you experience new things each day!

  • Beka Johnson

    chessss Teacher! Chess. ha ha ha. <3 those kids!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i actually miss them!

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    Hah! Tim sounds like a lively soul…

    ~ Country Girl’s Daybook,
    recently posted: A Movie Review of The Book Thief à

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      oh he definitely is!

  • Tia

    haha oh gosh! I would never

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      haha neither would i!