Bayon Temple


Bayon Temple in Angkor Wat was the last temple that we visited during our stay. We made it there shortly after sunrise when the the air was still cool and the temple was still and quiet. It didn’t take us long to make our way through Bayon Temple as it’s one of the smaller ones in the size. But what it lacks in square footage, it makes up for in detail. Filled with over 200 face carvings of Lokesvara; who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas, it is said to have a striking resemblance to the King at the time it was built. Each face is intricately carved in stone and can be found stacked and carved on every available surface. While Ta Prohm still wins for my favorite temple, this one comes in a close second due to its sheer originality among the other temples.
bayon temple, angkor wat

bayon templetemple entrance angkor wat


  • Alex Fahey

    We just booked our tickets to Cambodia. We are so excited!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      wahoo!!! you’re going to LOVE it!

  • Ech

    What a cool place! Yet another addition to the travel wish list.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      it needs to be added for how beautiful all the sites were there!

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    Stop giving me new places to add to my wanderlist. It’s not cool. LOL. I’ll probably never get to any of them.

    Country Girl’s Daybook, recently posted:

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      haha! that’s my whole goal!

  • Kayli Schattner

    Wow! What a beautiful, magical place. Great pictures!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      thanks kayli!

  • Kaelene Spence

    This is so amazing, I couldn’t even imagine how breathtaking it is to see it in person!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      it was amazing, and they are so much larger than they even appear in photos!

  • José Vieira Mendes
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  • Melinda DiOrio

    Wow, that is amazing! Makes me want to book a trip to Cambodia immediately!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      do it! it was not only one of our favorite countries but one of our favorite sites to go to!

  • Kate Hall

    Oh my gosh it’s gorgeous!!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i couldn’t agree more kate!

  • Marisha Bailey

    Wow, this place is amazing! Another place to add to my never-ending list.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      you definitely need to!

  • Amy | Club Narwhal

    Chelsea, my jaw literally dropped looking at these–absolutely stunning! I cannot wait to visit Angkor Wat one day…

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      isn’t it beautiful?! i loved all of the Angkor temples

  • Vaida Tamošauskaitė

    wow! that looks so mysterious, and so huge!
    I’ve never been into Buddhism, but these kind of things always take your breath away..

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i’m not either but i love walking around different temples and areas such as this

  • adventuresofalondonkiwi

    Stunning! They all seem to have personality.

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      aren’t they gorgeous! i loved this temple

  • Sarah Shumate

    How beautiful! I like how the carvings are smiling! :o)

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i love that too! each one was just a little bit different from the next too!

  • Chantal

    Very pretty!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i agree!

  • Kailagh

    I love these. What a wonderful place to embrace a day.

    xo. Kailagh

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      it was so relaxing and fun to walk around these temples for a day!

  • Casey

    I’m seriously looking so forward to Cambodia next month… can’t wait to experience these temples!

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i can’t wait to see your pictures! you are going to have a blast!

  • Z K

    Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the temples and interesting places you have to share. :]

    • Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      and this one was just too good not to share!