48 Hours in Tokyo

With less than 48 hours in Tokyo, the largest city in the world, we were pressed for time with a foot long list of items on our bucket list. But instead of trying to rush to get everything done and checked off, we decided to take it slow and enjoy Tokyo with Jeremy’s family before they headed back to the States the next day.

While we were there we:

+Meiji Shrine. Located in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, this was one of my favorite shrines that we saw in Japan, not to mention huge. You could seriously spend a few hours wandering around the grounds and just sit and people watch. My favorite. While we were there we were also able to see a traditional Shinto wedding which may have been the highlight of our trip for me. I love seeing weddings from different cultures and different religions. It’s really eye opening and humbling to how even though we come from different backgrounds, different cultures and different ways of living; love truly is universal.

meiji shrine, tokyosaki barrelsMeiji Shrine, Tokyo temple wedding japan+Shibuya Station. This is the busiest intersection in.the.world! We headed up to the upstairs of a nearby Starbucks to watch the commotion and even though seats were nearly impossible (guess we weren’t the only ones with that idea!) it’s quite the sight to see! You can check out of video of the chaos here
shibuya intersection Also home to the Hachi Statue. The dog that was so loyal that it walked it’s owner to this train station every morning. Until one morning the owner died of a heart attack at work and never returned. The dog returned to the same site day after day waiting for him to return until one day, the dog too died. It is now used as a tale to encourage loyalty in small children.hachi statue tokyo+ Mount Fuji/Bullet Train. On our way from Kyoto to Tokyo we decided to take the Shinkansen to save time (but definitely not money!) and along the way were lucky enough to catch a glimpse (literally, just a glimpse) of Mt. Fuji. And I just had to add a photo of one of the train station workers. Confused on what rail to take? Simply press the call button and a friendly assistant will literally pop right out of the wall to help you. Come on America, there are lessons to be learned from this! shinkansen mt. fujirailway station+Sushi Train. You just had to know that my favorite part was the food. Sure, Korea has their own version of sushi, gimbap, but it often includes ham, radish and a little bit of seafood. Not quite the same Korea, actually…not the same at all. And while sushi in Japan isn’t exactly cheap, you can still find dirt cheap options for it, and not the shady ‘half off’ end of the day special sushi rolls either. I’m talking fresh, right from the kitchen and directly to your table sushi rolls. We ate until we couldn’t fit another roll in us and we fed four people for under $20! Not too shabby.
conveyor belt sushiconveyor belt sushi IMG_2052 conveyor belt sushi conveyor belt sushi conveyor belt sushi

  • Peter Russo

    Gosh I miss Tokyo. We stayed in the main area of the city together with my friends. We booked from the Cheapest Hotels in Tokyo list using the website ibooknow.com.

  • Helen Winter

    Wow those photos are amazing! Especially the wedding one. I can’t believe that conductors stick their head out of the box to show passengers, definitely would be handy in the UK ha ha. I don’t know why but Tokyo has never been high up on my bucket list, would you recommend it?

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i would highly recommend tokyo. it wasn’t high up on our list either as we just saw it as a large city in asia which we haven’t visited a lot of. but there’s so much culture and places to go and explore in the city that it’s definitely worth it. there are also a ton of day trips that can be taken outside of the city if you need an escape from the chaos.

  • Oliver Smith

    hope you all had a great time in Tokyo…
    Luxury Honeymoon Travel

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      it was such a great trip!

  • Ella

    The sushi looks so good!! Great photos!

    Ella | http://www.towanderandtoroam.blogspot.com 

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      the sushi was to die for! i’m definitely ruined for any other place that i try to go and order sushi from

  • http://www.sunshine2thesquareinch.blogspot.com/ Beka Johnson

    Seriously! That person popping out from the vending machine area / wall is so funny to me. However, that’s some great customer service!!!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      if only they had those in korea when we both lived there!

  • http://www.jade-moat.com/ Jade Moat

    I hope to be able to spend some time in Tokyo this year, if I can get the time off work! I’ll definitely be doing Disneyland & checking out the shops in Harajuku.

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i hope you get to! it’s an awesome city to spend some time in. plus there’s a ton of day trips that you can take out side of the city which i hear are great as well

  • http://inkandadventure.blogspot.tw/ Jamie

    we are going to spend most of our trip in Disney when we go, but this is a perfect list for what to hit in our few days downtown!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i hope you get to see a lot of it, it’s such a cool city to wander around!

  • Cherry Antigua

    To witness a traditional Japanese wedding, wow! Something you don’t see everyday. Lucky you.

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i was so excited to be able to see that, i love seeing the traditional wedding wear in different countries

  • http://www.diariesofanessexgirl.com/ Kate Hall

    I am SO excited that maybe even this year Dan and I will be hitting Tokyo! I am bookmarking your Japan category now for when I go so I can hit all of these awesome places!! I think you did great for 48 hours.

    I hope you are enjoying your Christmas period, so keen to hear all on your return to the blog with an update!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i hope that you get to! if you have any questions let me know, even though i’m sure melyssa would be an even bigger help : )

  • Megan Thudium

    I love it! Great entry and I loved all of your pictures.

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      thanks so much!

  • http://liveitinerantly.com/ Quyen Nguyen

    Wow, sounds like a whirlwind but it looks as if you had a good time. I was in Tokyo for even less time, 9 hours. It definitely was not enough and I can’t wait to go back.

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      wow! that would be a quick stop! we’ve done that before in other cities and it always makes us want to go back to those places!

  • Nina W

    So fun! Tokyo looks like it would stress me out with all its busy-ness. It looks like such a great experience though!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      surprisingly, it was as busy and crowded as i thought it would be. shibuya was chaos but outside of that, it felt like any other large city in the states or abroad

  • http://www.allieseverydayadventures.blogspot.com/ Allie

    I would love to go to Tokyo someday! Looks like a blast, and so cool that you got to experience a bit of the wedding culture!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      it’s such an amazing city to visit, i just wish we had more time there!

  • http://www.chicadeedee.com/ Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee

    I would love to go to Tokyo, my mom and nana went to Nagoya to stay with a friend, and had a hard time with the food as she was not a fan of all the raw fish and meat served at the house she was staying in. My nana would sneakily drop hers into the fryer to cook it haha. I’d be in sushi heaven!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      bahaha! that’s hilarious! thankfully we didn’t run into anything too out of the norm for us but i think living in korea got us ready for it!

  • http://treasuretromp.com/ Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

    Looks like we had the same itinerary! Seriously we did all of that! I loved Meiji Shrine. The only thing I would add is the fish market. But we had 72 hours in the city :)

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      oh man, i’ve heard such great things about the fish market but we didn’t have enough time! or the desire to wake up before dawn ; )

  • http://www.awaywithlily.com/ Lily @ Away with Lily

    I remember my trip to Tokyo back in 2011 – I loved it! Especially the Meiji Shrine. It was a little different from the other temples and shrines that I visited. And I sat in the exact same Starbucks watching the chaos unfold in Shibuya’s busy intersection (I don’t supposed they still have white hot chocolate there? I fell in love with that). And finally.. the food. It was hard to budget myself when all I wanted to do was let myself go and eat everything there was! Big Japanese food fan :) Lovely post and photographs!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i loved it too! i’m so glad that we took the time to head up there, i love that it’s so peaceful in the middle of the city. and i’m not sure, we actually just went in to see the view but didn’t stick around for coffee because it was always way too crowded!

  • http://www.thewanderblogger.com/ Sarah Shumate

    That person coming out of the wall totally freaks me out!!! I would not have expected that! I’m glad you’re enjoying Tokyo. My husband has been, but I’ve never had the chance. Maybe one day!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      haha! it was so helpful though! you definitely need to make it over there, it’s such a fun country to visit

  • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

    It is always hard to not feel the need to rush around and see everything when your in a city for such a short time. That intersection is completely insane! I miss sushi so much, you would think with such a big fishing industry sushi would be affordable here in Iceland but your looking at $15-20 just for one roll! My sushi fix will have to wait and instead I will live through your pictures.

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      it’s such a hard mix. we’re quite add when we travel so we love to be always running around. and as much as we saw, if it were just J and i, i know that we would have seen more!

  • Jennifer Howze

    We were in Tokyo last year and also did a quick run-round. Shibuya was quite awesome. We ate lunch around the corner in a noodle restaurant where you choose what you wanted to eat via a push-button vending machine outside. Quick, delicious and very Japanese!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i wish that we would have eaten at a place like that too! ahh, always too little time!

  • http://www.calikathleen.com/sunshine/ Cali Kathleen

    I really like the guy popping out of the wall too, that gave me a good chuckle! :) Sounds like you had a great 24 hrs there!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      and it was so helpful! the train system can be so confusing! to me at least haha

  • Christina

    Wow, it looked like you had a wonderful trip!


    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      it was such a blast, i’m so glad family was able to come visit!!

  • http://www.pinchoflyss.blogspot.com/ Alyssa Dillon

    I am still laughing at those guys who popped out of the wall at the train station! Too good!


    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      and so convenient! the train system is so confusing to me so it was very much appreciated haha

  • Hima

    I love travel, and I love how you guys saw Tokyo! I had no idea the Hachi story was real- I thought it was just a book.

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      i didn’t know either! i love the things that you discover when you travel!

  • Brianna

    oh my goodness I am so jealous! that looks amazing :)

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      it was such a blast, i’m so glad that we got to show his family another country while they visited!

  • http://www.anniewiltse.com/ anniewiltse

    You fit a ton of things in such a short time! I could’ve used an attendant popping out next to the ticket machine when I was in Chicago a few months ago trying to figure out the L. America definitely has a lot of things to learn about public transit!

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      we’re a little add when we travel so we always like to be on the go : ) and chicago used to be my old stomping ground! the el can be confusing at first but it gets easier the more you use it!

  • http://sometimesztakespictures.blogspot.com/ Z K

    Ohhh this is such a great trip! I know little to nothing about Tokyo or Japan, so I love seeing a bunch of cool things to do. Great little roundup and adorable photos! (the man popping out of the wall is hysterical.)

    • http://lostintravelsblog.com/ Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

      japan is one of my favorite countries that we have visited, it’s so beautiful with such a rich culture (not to mention hilarious things like people popping out of walls ; )