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A Muddy Mess

This past weekend we headed out of town with some friends to mudfest, about a four hour drive up the west coast of Korea. can i just take a second here to comment on how fast this summer is going? I feel like i was just making our bucket list, and now we have some of the major events crossed off of it. Except my six pack, that may just stay on there. Back to the story. The city of Boryeong is a tiny little town that is known for the health benefits of their mineral rich mud, why else cover yourself from head to toe in it? Actually, the whole idea of mud fest was created in order to promote their mud cosmetics. Now, in the span of nine days, hundreds of thousands of people travel from around the country to pass through this town and roll around in the mud. We were no exception. While we were there we:

Stood in line for over an hour to get painted up like warriors with colored mud. Definitely worth the wait. You can see the volunteers meticulously painting our bodies for us.

Got put in mud prison.


Scrubbed ourselves clean in the ocean, then realized we were all slightly stained from the colored mud.


Saw some outrageously gorgeous mountains in Jinan. We’re looking at going back and trying to hike it someday, especially since there is water rafting close to the town and they  have rustic wooden cabins that you can stay in while hiking.